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Building a Champion Mindset

"The Dog sets the Pace"

Montana Training and Kennels specializes in training Bird Dogs, Pointing Dogs and Gun Dogs for Field Trials, Hunt Tests, and Companion hunting. Our Western Shed Dog program is unique as we train for retrieval of Sheds dropped by large game. We are top notch and will have your dog finding and retrieving  sheds from Elk and Moose. 

WPG retrieving bird to hand

Here, it’s not about the length of a training program: it’s about your dog, its maturity level, it’s mental state, and the quality of time in training. 

Our methodology builds the dog’s confidence in every aspect: confidence in itself through repeated success, and confidence in knowing and understanding what is expected.

Our intuitive training methods require cultivation of trust, meeting the dog where it is developmentally, and building competency in a way that ensures the dog is set up for success at each step of training.

Training and assessing your dog daily, we watch closely for the dog’s understanding and integration of the current lesson before moving to the next step.  This ensures we move forward at the dog’s pace of learning and maintain a positive experience throughout.

Puppy with bird


For our gun dogs, in the off season, we train on homing pigeons and pen-raised birds.  Come hunting season, we are out working on wild birds.  That’s why we came to Montana.  Your dog will learn lessons from wild birds that pen-raised birds can’t teach.  Every encounter with wild gamebirds your dog has, successful or not, will teach something of value that it can learn from and build on.

"Living in the Release"

The dog’s reward for correct behavioral response in training is the “release”. When in training, a dog is attuned to the trainer and the pressure the trainer uses in drawing out the desired behavioral response. Pressure has many forms: direct eye contact, body positioning, movement toward or away from the dog, training collar, hand signals, posture.  All of these elements increase or decrease pressure the dog experiences during training. 

Girl taking Hunt test
two dogs on place training

Companion Obedience Gun Dog Hunt Tests Field Trials Shed Dog

Whether you are striving for an award-winning hunting dog, an obedient and pleasant family companion, or a hard-driving shed dog, we are here to work with you and your canine companion. Based on your objectives and an assessment of your dog during your consultation, we will design a training program for your dog that will help you achieve your goals. While you have your dog in one of the training camp programs, we encourage weekly visits, or calls, for updates and to see your pup’s progress in action.

3 Dogs stay on Kennels
Woman with GSP holding shotgun & Partridge
Brittany retrieving bird
Dog on place
Bird Dog Training
Field Training Turnover to owners
Dog Training Obedience

When it's time to pick up your Pup and take it home

Expect to spend at least an hour with the trainer and your dog at pick up.  This is the time for you to watch your dog work, learn the commands used, and get a feel for your dog’s working body language.  During this personal session, be sure to ask questions and try your hand at a few rounds with your dog (obedience or field) before heading home together.  Whether your dog has achieved your goals, or we need to plan for more sessions later, we take this time with you to ensure you understand your dog’s changes and progress to date.

1st Place Open Puppy
3rd Place Open Puppy

Our Commitment to You

Your dreams for your dog drive us to work hard for you and support you each step of the way.  We are so very proud of our clients and the things they have gone on to  accomplish with their dogs after entrusting us with their training.

Hunting dogs, their owners, ribbons, and trainer Emmet
2nd place Open derby, 4th place Open Puppy
3rd Place Open Gun Dog

Training Programs

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Gun Dog/Field Trial/Hunt Test

Puppies to mature dogs, beginning to advanced - whether you desire a hunting companion or want a competitive Gun Dog, our training programs and camps are tailored to take your dog to the next level in the field.


Obedience training is the critical foundation for your relationship with your dog. No matter which path you choose to follow in the future, obedience training will make it possible.

Obedience • Behavioral

Western Shed Dog

Out here, you don't just need a Shed Dog, you need a "Western" Shed dog. Through dedicated development and enhancement of natural retrieving instincts, not only will your dog find and retrieve deer sheds, but will have the confidence to find and retrieve the large Elk and Moose sheds.
Retriever carrying Elk Antler

Western Shed Dog

Trained Retrieve

Conditioned fetch reinforcement for reliable retrieve by your dog in every environment.
Brittany retrieves bird to hand

Force Fetch

Private Session

We work with you so you understand your dog and can work through issues that need addressing. You learn to confidently lead and enjoy having your dog in your life and home.
Teaching the Owner

Private Sessions

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