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Dog Boarding Runs
Dog Daycare - Border Collie

Vacation with Confidence while they are here because they're our Family too!

Dog boarding and kenneling in Helena, MT.

At MTK boarding facility, we offer a clean, welcoming environment, friendly staff, and room for your little (or not so little) family companion(s) to relax.

Our facility consists of climate-controlled indoor quarters with individual indoor AND outdoor runs, so your best friend can be comfortable inside and out.

You are welcome to bring a light blanket, t-shirt, or something with familiar scent from home to reduce stress and ease the transition from home to here. We also encourage bringing your pet’s favorite toy and some treats to make the stay pleasant and enjoyable.

Please you make a reservation to ensure we have room to accommodate your furry companion(s). We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming your family member for their stay. (PLEASE NOTE: Bordetella vaccines must be administered at least 7 days prior to boarding.)

Donna and Australian Shepard
Boarding Chihuahua

Our awesome Clients

Outside Exercise Areas

Outside Playyard
Covered Outdoor Runs

Our large outdoor exercise yard is fully enclosed with 6′ chain link fencing.

Covered Family Kennel outside areas

Our outside family exercise yards are sheltered to protect your pet during inclement weather

Individual runs are covered, fully enclosed with 6′ chain link fencing, and separated by panels to ensure your pet’s safety during their stay.

Private or Family Suites

Indoor Family Kennel

Family Quarters

We have private spaces with adjoining doors to accommodate multiple pet families.

Door to Personal Dog Run

Individual Quarters

Each of our Guests has singular access to a private outside run.

Outside Run Access

Outdoor Runs

Protected and sheltered from the elements for your pet's safety.

We feed the dogs twice daily with food you supply, and we take time to ensure they eat while you are away! We recommend you bring your dog’s food to maintain a consistent diet, especially if you feed puppy/senior food or a veterinary diet. We have food available (Innukshuk) for $4 per day per dog if desired. Knowing some pets have health concerns, we will happily attend to all of your pet’s specialty feeding/diets, and medications, (including insulin) at no additional charge: please ask for details and requirements.

The Cattery

Our boarding kitties receive lots of attention and care when staying with us.  They enjoy exercise time on our Kitty Tree and lots of opportunities for visual excitement and stimulation at the window.

Cat Boarding - Tabby looking out window

Rates and Frequently Asked Questions

Our Rates

$26/day for Dogs

$13/day for Cats

$1.00 discount/day per Pet for mulitpet households.

Are available for an additional $5.00 per walk.

$30 & up for small dogs

$60 & up for large dogs

We recommend you bring something that smells like home (dog bed or blanket) plus treats and food. We require current Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper vaccines, at least six days prior to your stay. Please bring shot records for your pet(s). If your dog requires medication, please bring along.

Yes. Especially if you feed special food (veterinary diet, puppy/kitten food, or senior food), we recommend you bring it.

To ensure your pet’s health while boarding at our kennel, we require proof of current vaccinations. We will call your veterinary clinic directly to simplify the process for you.

Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella (date of immunization at least 7 days prior to boarding)

Cats: Rabies, Distemper, Feline Leukemia

No, but you do need to provide them on your first visit and update annually. 

Yes. Everybody has sleeping quarters inside. The building is temperature controlled.

No, but please obtain a doctor’s note stating the condition.

They are inside overnight, and spend most of their day outside weather dependent.

Contact your preferred veterinarian and follow their instructions. 

Yes! Because we do not combine dogs here. intact dogs are welcome. If you have two (or more) dogs that need to be separated for that reason, please let us know when you check them in.

16 weeks is average, but its always best to consult your veterinarian. 

No problem. Please let us know the situation. We can kennel them together but separate them during feeding.

For safety and liability purposes, we do not combine dogs. All dogs will be kenneled separately both indoors and outdoors, unless they are from the same family.

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